Saturday, November 22, 2008

Miley and Justin what do you think?

plz tell me what you think about miley and justin because i think he is (as my mom says) "riding her coat tail" and its a felony for them to date!!!!!!!!!!

miley and HUGE dude

OMG is the first thing i said when i saw this pic then i laughed until i peed in my pants miley looks so freaked out next to that dude


Heyyyy i LOVE all of my commenters so thats why im telling you to "spread the word" you know tell your friends or on other things you post for tell ppl to come to my site

look at him

look at Kevin he looks like some freak thats never seen two fingers before isnt that just creepy and i love kevin dut he just doesnt pose good did you know he made it on the 100 sexiest men alive list? that was a little shocking but i love Kevin!!!!!!


look Rhianna has hair like road runner dont you think thats hilarious and like i say in my other posts plz plz plz comment

jonas or efron

who do you think looks hotter Joe or Zac i personally LOVE JB and i dont care if you dis them this site is for you so plz comment and tell me who you think looks hotter